ACG EQ01 filter pre-amp

The EQ01 pre-amp is available on request in Custom Basses and for purchase directly. ACG EQ01 is avilable exclusivly from AC Guitars and East Tone UK.

The EQ01 features two low-pass filters, one per pickup and a global high-pass filter, affording you the ability to EQ each pickup independently,

The EQ01 is available in two configurations; the 4K and 5K. The 5K has the addition of a passive tone pot. The passive tone works in the same way as a tone pot on any passive bass.

ACG EQ01 4K: £200.00

ACG EQ01 5K: £210.00

Supplied with wired jack socket. Internal controls. Gain adjustment for each pickup. Treble path selection. A trim pot which allows you to choose which pickup supplies the feed for the high pass filter. Lower ring needs a knob with 8mm internal diameter. Upper ring needs a knob with 6mm internal diameter. Knobs can be bought from East UK.

UK postage insured special delivery is £7.50

Europe £11.00

Rest of the world insured trackable delivery is £13.00

Please get in touch at if you would like to make a purchase.

Click here to download a bundle, including installation instructions for the ACG EQ01 pre-amp.